Do your children use Kik Messenger? It’s a free messaging app aimed at users aged thirteen and over. Used by more than 300 million people worldwide, Kik lets users exchange messages, photos, videos, GIFs and web pages with friends, family, chatbots and even strangers.

Unlike WhatsApp, Kik does not require a user to sign up with a phone number. Instead, friends can be added via their username, making it easier for users to receive unwanted contact from strangers. Police in the UK issued a safety warning earlier in the year, claiming that Kik has featured in ‘more than 1,500 child sexual abuse cases in the last five years’ and that ‘children are at risk’ on the app. We would strongly advise parents to delete this app if you find it on your children’s phones.


For more information on it’s history, use and risks, visit the Wikipedia page on Kik.

There is also a YouTube news article that is for parents required watching.




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