Are you planning on giving your child a phone, tablet, computer or console for Christmas?

How are you going to manage screen time and protect them whilst they are online?
Before wrapping your gift, find out how to install parental controls. Take it out of the
box and ensure it is set up with appropriate safeguards before giving it to your child.

Most devices can be controlled and monitored by parents / adults. However, setting up
these is a lot more difficult to do if children are already the ‘main user’ of the
device. For example, the Sony PlayStation 4 can be set up with parental controls which
place limits on time usage, content and even spending, but the parent has to create the
online profile and password first and be the main user. You can then decide how much
your child can do on the device.

This is also true with Android devices – before giving it to your child consider installing
‘Family Link’ by Google through the App store. This gives you control over which apps
the child can install. You can see how they are using their phone or tablet and can
manage how much time the device can be used by the child. has got lots of articles and videos on setting up parental controls.
Use search terms like “Xbox one parental controls”. You can also just search for help in
Google and YouTube.  Taking the time to install parental controls could save you a lot of time

Children should understand that it is a privilege to be given a piece of technology and
they must use it responsibly. You might also want to think about setting up a family
agreement on when and how technology will be used in the home, for example agreeing
that no one will use a device at the dinner table.

Visit for ideas and templates of family

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