There’s a chance that your child may meet people online that aren’t who they say they are. Grooming is a word used to describe people befriending children in order to take advantage of them for sexual purposes. Many parents worry about online grooming so it’s important to talk to your children about how to stay safe.

Online grooming facts and statistics






60 % of parents want to know more about how to protect children from strangers online.

Source: Internet Matters Parenting digital Natives – Concerns and Solutions


2 /10 children aged 8-11 are more likely to be concerned that ‘strangers might find out information about me’.

Source: Ofcom Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes Report (Nov 2016) p.101.

On Social Media

Children remove privacy settings to attract more friends or followers

Source: Conducted by Ginger Research on behalf of Internet Matters Ltd. – an Online survey of 1,001 children