Some useful information following the BBC’s Panorama documentary on Monday. Since the Lockdown, a huge majority of children have begun using TikTok and have minimal or no parental controls set and minimal parent engagement with the apps. We are encouraging all Parents and Staff to watch the BBC Panorama documentary available via the following link

If you have a son or daughter using TikTok please be aware that the age rating for this app is 13. If your child already has the app it is recommended that you pair your phone to their account (NB: They can unpair it but you get a notification and 48 hours to repair it before it’s switched off) or as a minimum, set in-app restrictions.

To pair your accounts follow the instructions below:

 · Go to Settings

· Choose Family Pairing

· Scan a QR barcode to identify which is the adult’s device and which the child’s

You can then limit the types of content your child sees, and restrict who sends DMs or block private chats altogether.

If you cannot install the app yourself, alter the settings of your child’s App instead.

· Go to Digital Wellbeing,

· Select Restricted Mode,

· Set a password.

· It would also be advised to modify Privacy settings. To do this:

· Switch on “Private Account” (this will only let approved users see your child’s activity)


· Switch off “Suggest Your Account to Others” (this will stop their profile being shown to people interested in similar accounts).

Further information on keeping children safe online can be found:



    Amber (Be Aware)