The internet is amazing. Children can play, learn, create and connect – opening up a whole world of exciting possibilities. But with the digital world changing all the time, how can you make sure your child’s staying safe?

That’s where we come in. Whether you’re an online expert or you’re not sure where to start, our tools and advice will help you keep your child safe.

Children and young people go online to connect with friends, and make new ones, to browse the internet for information, chat with others and play games. They may:

  • search for content on search engines like Google
  • create, share, comment on or ‘like’ images or videos through apps such as, Instagram and Snapchat
  • keep up-to-date with friends and celebrities on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter and Instagram
  • live-stream videos through sites such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live
  • communicate with others using voice and video chat, or instant messenger. This can take place on social networks, through messaging apps like Whatsapp and in some types of games
  • play games through websites, apps or game consoles. They may also watch others playing games or stream their own game-play through sites such as Twitch and YouTube

When online, children and young people can learn new things, get help with homework, express themselves creatively and connect with friends and family.

There are also risks, but by understanding and talking about the dangers you can help keep your child safe online.