There have been a lot of concerns regarding TikTok over the last few months. Given the popularity of the app that’s no surprise. But the latest concern is where children are being exploited to part with cash or ‘digital gifts’. It’s easy to blame the app, and the owners definitely have a part to play, but this is more to do with the so-called influencers using the app and exploiting their fans, such as a 12 year old who gifted £48.99 to show her appreciation of his videos and then he asked for more, or influencers who ask for gifts in turn for their phone number to talk – and don’t pick up!

TikTok has said it will strengthen its policies and guidelines.

Please read the BBC News report below, and our original post from May 2019.

BBC Article: TikTok’s young fans ‘exploited’ for digital gifts

E-Safety Tip: Tik Tok (formally

(Information Taken from E-safety Adviser Newsletter).


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